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Can I create a Project Template with 3 or 4 scripts already in and ready to use

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Can I create a Project Template with 3 or 4 scripts already in and ready to use


I've been trying to create a Project Template for testing web app's

I have some scripts i use in all my projects to e.g. determine the IE version and assign a web browser object to a var based on that.

I want to create a 'custom web test' template so that when i create a new project, i can choose it as my template, and my project will already have all of these scripts i need, and the TestedApp i use, etc. already in it.

Currently all i can see how to do is create a template that contains the Script 'folder' and then i have to go ahead and add all the scripts i use, every time i create a new project.

Is there some way to create a project template which has multiple ready-to-run scripts already in it?




Hi Paul,

There's no way to do this. To make your scripts available in any project, you can create a script extension containing them (see the "Script Extensions" help topic).

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Another possibility would be to use the "clone" feature.  Create your template project and then, when you want to create a new one, go to that project, right click on the project node and select the "Clone Project" option.  That will effectively create a "copy" of the project that you can then adapt for your new set of tests.

One draw back is that if you are using libraried code in a common folder, instead of preserving the links to that libraried code, a copy is made so you would have to relink your libraries.  I think AQA staff has some sort of issue open already for that.

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