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Calling Test Routines via COM from Java and/or Ruby

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Calling Test Routines via COM from Java and/or Ruby


I'm interested in driving our test scripts from Java/JRuby/Ruby via COM.

Reading the TestComplete doco it seems I need to call RunRoutineX.

Does anyone have any experience calling routines from a JVM via COM?  It looks feasible in theory from what I've read.

I just wanted to get any feedback from the community before I get my hands dirty with the code 🙂

Many thanks

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I don't know if there is a bridge between JVM and COM. If you know about the bridge between JVM and COM, you have a solution. If not, the task seems to be unfeasible. I've heard about this project, but it seems it is frozen now, so...

One possible solution, however, is to create a DLL that can access TestComplete via COM and perform the actions you need. The DLL should export functions that you can call from your Java/Ruby code to control the test execution, e.g. call one function to run tests and another to get results. However, the resulting solution seems to be not very flexible: you will be limited with these functions and with simple data types, as I doubt that you will be able to use TestComplete COM objects in Java code.

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