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Building virtual machines using a task sequence selection choices in a command window

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Building virtual machines using a task sequence selection choices in a command window


We are automating our build process and would like to use TestComplete to manipulate the build windows.


These windows include a command window loaded by the Microsoft task sequence, the user will select a choice on the screen to build a particular version of Microsoft Windows. This build is available on VMware virtual machines. We use a console to build a virtual machine and can manipulate the control on the console but not in the virtual machine window since TestComplete cannot be installed until the build completes.


If the controls displayed in the command windows are not selected the build will not proceed.


Is there a way for TestComplete to create virtual objects so controls displayed in the virtual console can be manipulated?

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The general rule for TestComplete is that it is just like a person and it has to be able to "see" and "touch" the windows that it is working in.


What we used to do in similar circumstances was have command line scripts outside of TestComplete for the different versions of the vms and have TestComplete start the script but not have to actually know how to create the environment, etc.  You can set up a user input box inside TestComplete if you want the user to be able to pick the windows version at run time.


We did this because we didn't need to test the build process, so there was no need to have TestComplete click buttons or type in boxes or anything.  We just used TestComplete to start the process up before it got to the real testing where we needed the scripts inside TestComplete for checkpoints and such.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Marsha!


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