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Best Practices when generate a Pull Request

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Best Practices when generate a Pull Request

When a test case author generates a pull request in Bitbucket for review and approval of the branch containing a TestComplete test case, what are the best practices to keep in mind to enable an efficient review process?

When a reviewer looks into the "Diff" tab in bitBucket for the pull reques generated,

a) the "testcaseName.tcKDTest" file generates the .xml version of the test case which could be challenging for some reviewers to understand the flow of the use case & the test data used.

b) similarly the "testcaseName.tcKDTest.tcVis" file generated is also a .xml file

c) browsing through the .png files is the only thing that is currently providing some clue of the work flow. 

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We always review inside TestComplete.  

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