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Automation of wpf app - Managing multiple screen resolutions

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Automation of wpf app - Managing multiple screen resolutions

I am working on automation a wpf app using testcomplete. My issue is i am recording the tests in a pc which has a resoltuion of 1366*768. I need the tests recorded in 1366*768 resolution to run in a higher resolution screen like 1920*1080. Can you suggest ways to do it, it it is possible.

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Try to either remove coordinates from the recorded .Click() events or replace them with -1 value.


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There are two options


Either Replace the click without coordinates

Read the Coordinates in run time and Click on the center of the object


Ob_height = Object.height

Ob_Width = Object.Width /2,Ob_Width/2 )

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There is no need to manually grab the cooridnates, not specifying cooridnates or using -1, will default the center of the object. 


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