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Agile development strategy and TM4J reporting

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Agile development strategy and TM4J reporting

First question is a weird one, is TM4J no longer supported? Why can't I find it on the Select Location (Choose a Board) above? I had to select TestComplete which I presume is wrong.


My main question is, we are using Agile development as a strategy, which is referenced from

My question is, I don't know which TM4J reports I can use to track coverage, progress and quality. Most of the reports available reference folders or cycles but these are not part of the agile strategy. Which reports can I use when using Agile development as a strategy? I mainly want to track test coverage by sprint.

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It sounds like you are looking for some report called Agile workflow report and you aren't going to find that.


You can use the filters in here to pick out what you need from the data.  Use the date range of your sprint.  If you only run the tests once in a sprint, then that's one cycle.  If you do more, then choose which cycle(s) to look at.


Agile is different in every software company, so the reports have to be flexible.  You'll need to try some combinations to see what works for your process.

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