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After insert on checkpoint test stop running

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After insert on checkpoint test stop running

Hello AQA team,

I download trial version on TestComplete and try to do some small tests over .NET program. When I just record clicks in tested application and then run them, test passed. When I try to insert object checkpoint there, test start to failed with message in log - The object does not exist.  Check point is added with finder tool and have needed configuration. In beginning I try to add checkpoints while record clicks in tested application but result was same. Check point was current status on one tree structure. Also I has some problems with record on clicks over different dialogs in tested program. Sometimes this clicks are recorded properly, but sometimes when I run tests it returns in log Unexpected window message. I attach my test project with logs and 3 small created tests. First one test pass with creation. Second one was need from some additional setting-up before to start pass. Third one is copy on second and start failed when I add check point. We look for good automation tool and TestComplete impress us with some good possibilities.

Can you help us solve this?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Svetoslav,

When your application's objects are recognized in a "WindowsForms10Window8app0378734a" way, your .NET application is no longer recognized as Open. What version of the .Net Framework is installed on your machine? Currently, TestComplete does not support .Net Framework v.4. Installing this framework version may cause the issues you are having. If so, please let me know if you need a patch for TestComplete 7.52 that will fix support for applications compiled for .NET Framework 3.5 and earlier.

Full support for the latest version of the .NET Framework will be added to TestComplete 8, which is at the beta testing stage and will be released within a month or two.

BTW, what version of TestComplete are you using? I recommend that you use the latest one. TestComplete 7.52 is available for downloading from our web site and from the ClientServices portal.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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Hello David,

Thank you for your answer. You are rigth, I have instslled .NET Framework 4.0 with new Visual Studion 2010. This weekend I will try trial version on my home PC with .NET 3.5 and will do same tests there. I hope that all will be OK. I use 7.52 version on TestComplete.

Best Regards

Svetoslav Rusimov

QA Manager,

 Diehl Technology LLC
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