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ATC does not recognize many objects

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ATC does not recognize many objects


1) I am using Auto TestComplete for our Windows applications developed using C#. Our application looks similar to MS office 2007 UI - it uses Devexprees controls like ribbon menu & Mapinfo to display maps.

We have some options on Application Menu like New, Open and beside that Recent documents. When trying to record the scenario like clicking on application menu -> Click recent is unable to click on recent doc as it is giving "the object does not exist". This is happening for almost for entire application.

Do I have to install any plug-in. I have selected all plug-ins. Tried with both Keyword testing, Scripting and nothing works.

2) Also do you have any function to click based on Screen co-ordinates. Now I see it is using object as reference but as this is unable to recognize object itself. I am unable to use Click action efficiently.

3) How can we know the X,Y co-ordinates. I have used many tooks - they provide Windows/object inspector to know the mouse co-ordinates by just moving/focussing on required point. Do you have anything like this ?

Please help to resolve above issues.

Thanks in advance.

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Updates Plzz !!
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Support guys ???? U ther ??

Plz reply !!


1,2. See the "Handling the 'Object Not Found' Errors" help topic.

3. All coordinates are window-related. To perform actions with objects, you don't need to know their coordinates (all actions are object-based, not coordinate-based). You can obtain the current screen coordinates of the mouse pointer in scripts by using the Sys.Desktop.MouseX and Sys.Desktop.MouseY properties.
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