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AQFilesystem Object


AQFilesystem Object


I have a situation where I store all my results in excel format in my local drive.  I have to move the result to my server.  I created folders using aqfilesystem.createfolder in my server.  Is there a command to move the contents of a folder in local to server. 

I came across aqfile.movefile but I need to move the whole contents of the folder - Folder names will be different - I need the files from one folder to the other. (I guess we can move the files through vbscript as well - Let me have the code if you think its a relevant question)

RE: AQFilesystem Object

Hi Madhi,

You can use the '*.*' mask to find all files located in the folder and move them after that (see the "aqFile.Move" article for details). Here's an example:

Call aqFile.Move("C:\folderName\*.*", "<PathToNewFolder>")

Besides that, you can use the aqFolderInfo.Move method to move the whole folder. See the "aqFolderInfo.Move" article for more information.

Best regards,

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