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TestComplete 12.3 has been rolled out recently

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TestComplete 12.3 has been rolled out recently

Hey Team,


As some of your know, we have recently released a new minor version of TestComplete - 12.3.

There were a lot of improvements and changes. Here are some of them:


  1. Enhanced Environment Manager
  • In TestComplete v12.2 SmartBear introduced the Environment Manager, which gave you access CrossBrowserTesting cloud environments to run your TestComplete tests. You can now say goodbye to maintaining real devices, virtual machines, and in-house testing labs. Environment Manager get access to over 500 real testing environments from within TestComplete.
  • In TestComplete V12.3 the Environment Manager became even more powerful giving you an ability to add project test items to environment lists and run them in the cloud. Also, with version 12.3 TestComplete supports script extensions in the CrossBrowserTesting cloud. This allows you to run your existing TestComplete tests when utilizing TestComplete cloud lab.
  1. High DPI Support
  • When DPI settings are changed on end-user machines, the operating system changes the size of windows, controls, and fonts. This may cause your tests running against a non-DPI-aware application to fail. TestComplete version 12.3 tracks changes in DPI and automatically recalculates the coordinates for user actions to make your tests run correctly. This works on all the supported operating systems, including Windows 10.  DPI support works for both desktop and web applications.


  1. To read about other exciting new features in TestComplete v12.3 please go here:



Have you already updated to this version? How do you find it?


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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