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Send mail via CDO doesn't work in windows 10

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Send mail via CDO doesn't work in windows 10

I'm using a script as described in

I use it with gmail account.

It works well in windows 7 but doesn't work in windows 10.

the windows 10 pc has office 2016. 

when I try to send an email I get the error: The requested body part was not found in this message.

when I do a debug I see that all mMessage fields are empty.
What can I do?
Please help
The code I use:
Function SendEmail_Gmail(mFrom, mTo, mSubject, mBody, mAttachment,mpath)
Dim smtpServer, smtpPort, userLogin, userPassword
Dim authenticationType, useSSL, connectionTimeout
Dim schema, mConfig, mMessage

smtpServer = ""
smtpPort = 25
userLogin = "myaccount" ' e.g. "abc" if the address is
userPassword = "mypassword"
authenticationType = 1 ' cdoBasic
connectionTimeout = 30
' Required by Gmail
useSSL = True

On Error Resume Next

schema = ""
Set mConfig = Sys.OleObject("CDO.Configuration")

mConfig.Fields.Item(schema & "sendusing") = 2 ' cdoSendUsingPort
mConfig.Fields.Item(schema & "smtpserver") = smtpServer
mConfig.Fields.Item(schema & "smtpserverport") = smtpPort
mConfig.Fields.Item(schema & "sendusername") = userLogin
mConfig.Fields.Item(schema & "sendpassword") = userPassword
mConfig.Fields.Item(schema & "smtpauthenticate") = authenticationType
mConfig.Fields.Item(schema & "smtpusessl") = useSSL
mConfig.Fields.Item(schema & "smtpconnectiontimeout") = connectionTimeout

Set mMessage = Sys.OleObject("CDO.Message")
Set mMessage.Configuration = mConfig
mMessage.From = mFrom
mMessage.To = mTo
mMessage.Subject = mSubject
mMessage.HTMLBody = "email body:"&vbCrLf&mpath&vbCrLf&mBody

' If 0 < Len(mAttachment) Then
' mMessage.AddAttachment(mAttachment)
' mMessage.Attachments=false
' End If


If Err Then
Call Log.Warning("E-mail cannot be sent", Err.Description)
SendEMail = False
Log.Message("Message to <" & mTo & "> was successfully sent")
SendEMail = True
End If
End Function
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Re: Send mail via CDO doesn't work in windows 10

Have you tried using the BuildIn.SendMail method (  That is also in that article you linked to that does not require CDO.

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Re: Send mail via CDO doesn't work in windows 10

Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes I tried the built in sendmail but unfortunately it doesn't work with gmail because the smtp requires authentication.



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