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Name Mapping images

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Name Mapping images



Inside NameMapping I selected "Store all images automatically" cause I want to have a visual representation of every graphical object. This led to a couple of issues:


1) If I try to merge NameMapping with another one (because of concurrent tests registration), the "NameMapping.tcNM" file is correctly merged while the related "Images.NMimg" (and all the *.png automatically generated) is left untouched.

In the end a lot of images have been lost.

How is it possible to keep everything consistent? I couldn't find any documentation about name mapping images and the related "Images.NMimg" file.


2) I would like to know if there is a way to automatically regenerate lost name mapping images (not manually by means of the "Update image" button) in the same way a running test can regenerate his log images...


Thank you very much!

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