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Ignore object in TestComplete if it is not on screen?

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Ignore object in TestComplete if it is not on screen?

I'm trying to write a module in python that opens menu items, and closes them in a .NET application. For some menu items, closing the window triggers an alert box. When I put the object into TestComplete it tries to find it even when it's not on screen causing my test to fail. Here's an example:


def MyTest():

  # Objects mapped in TestComplete, and a list of items to click

  mainPage = Sys.Process("MyApplication").WinFormsObject("MyApp")

  alertBox = Sys.Process("MyApplication").WinFormsObject("AlertBox")

  items = ['Item1', 'Item2', 'Item3', 'Item4']


  # Open each item, and close it with hotkey. If the alertbox is visible click 'Yes' to close. 

  for i in range(0, len(items)):



    if alertBox.Visible:



I've tried setting the Alert Box to visible, onscreen, and exists. If it's not on the screen the test fails. Does anyone know how to get around this? My actual script involves close to a dozen menu items, and a few dozen sub-items so adding in the Alert box to each one is tedious along with making it difficult to maintain since the Alert Box can be in different menus. Anyone know a way how to get TestComplete to ignore an object if it's not onscreen?


I don't understand why it keeps trying to find it. Even if I only click items without the alert box it still fails since it keeps trying to find the object.

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Re: Ignore object in TestComplete if it is not on screen?

Well, it's looking because you told it to.  Once you say If Visible, TC is going to hunt that box down and it either finds it or says sorry couldn't find it and gives up.   


What I would do is give TC explicit instructions on what to do if it can't find the box. So, something like (I don't know your syntax so you will have to fix that)


if alertBox.Visible:



      log.message ("no alert box this time")





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Re: Ignore object in TestComplete if it is not on screen?



Refer, for example, to for the explanation of the difference between .WinFormsObject() and .WaitWinFormsObject().

In your case you need to correct the following:

a) Check/wait for the alert box to appear using .WaitXXX() call;

b) Check if alert box exists by checking its .Exists property;

c) Optionally, if needed, you may check if alert box is visible on screen (.Visible property);

d) Proceed as required according to the above verification result.


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Re: Ignore object in TestComplete if it is not on screen?

What @AlexKaras said. 😉

Basically, when looking for ANY object that may or may not be exist and there's no guarentee of it, you should be using the appropriate WaitNNN commands to do so.

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Re: Ignore object in TestComplete if it is not on screen?

I ended up using this solution before seeing your reply, and it worked. Thank you.

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