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setting the 'project properties' for Text Recognition

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setting the 'project properties' for Text Recognition


I am trying to get Text Recognition working. Is there some way I can confirm whether the extension is installed ok?  I have already gone  File -> Install Extension, tick Text Recognition, and clicked ok.

Also, I need to follow these instructions from the docs

    To view or modify the Text Recognition settings:Open the Properties page of the project editor and then choose Open Applications Text Recognition in the list on the left of the page.

But, I do not see 'Open Applications' in the list. I only have General, Freeze Diagnostics, Object Mapping, Playback.

Is it enough to add the application/window name  for text recogition in default project properties ?  I just ask this because this is not working for me so far. Maybe this indicates i do not have Text Recognition installed.



RE: setting the 'project properties' for Text Recognition


First of all, you need to change settings not in default project properties. You need to use properties of a specific project. As for why you don't see the Open Applications node, do you have the Open Applications Support plug-in installed (File | Install Extension...)?

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