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How could I check if the LegalCopyright is present for a file with out getting a error for those that doesn't have the LegalCopyright properties set.

Think I tried them all  (IsSupported, IsNull, IsNothing, IsEmpty, Len > 0 ...)


Copyright = aqFileSystem.GetFileInfo(file).VersionInfo.LegalCopyright

>>>If Copyright.Exists Then

    Log.Message ("Copyright for the file "+ file + " is ...")


    Log.Warning ("Copyright for the file "+ file + " is missing!")

end if


RE: VersionInfo.LegalCopyright

Hi Hakan,

LegalCopyright is an array of strings. The needed value is stored in the first element of the LegalCopyright array (LegalCopyright(0)). The following script demonstrates how to verify copyright for a file:

Sub Main

  Dim file, fileObj, Copyright   

  file = "<full name>"

  Set fileObj = aqFileSystem.GetFileInfo(file)

  Copyright = getCopyright(fileObj)

  If Len(Copyright) > 0 Then

    Log.Message ("Copyright for the file "+ file + " is " + Copyright)


    Log.Warning ("Copyright for the file "+ file + " is missing!")

  End If

End Sub

Function getCopyright(fileObj)

  Dim VerInfo

  If fileObj.VersionInfo Is Nothing Then

    Log.Warning "No version info in file."

    getCopyright = ""

    Exit Function

  End If

  Set VerInfo = fileObj.VersionInfo

  If Len(VerInfo.LegalCopyright(0)) = 0 Then

    Log.Warning "No legal copyright in version info field."

    getCopyright = ""

    Exit Function

  End If

  getCopyright = VerInfo.LegalCopyright(0) 

End Function

I hope this helps.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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