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Having issues with Source Controlers and Object Stored

New Contributor

Having issues with Source Controlers and Object Stored


I am using Tortoise SVN as source control my TC projects but I am having hard time when trying to run the scripts on a virtual machine from which I call the stored code from the trunk.

All the files needed seem to be alright and the stored objects are where they are supposed to. However, when I try to run the scripts, when the time comes to perform object checkpoints an error occurs and my test stops. The error message on the log goes:

"The file "C:\Test_Complete_SVN\TestComplete_HEAD\WLS2.8.X -All locations\FEUAT\Stores\Objects\panelErrmsgbox.tcObject" is not an Objects file."

If I re-store the object exactly as it is, only that renaming and deleting the existing one, the test will pass. This is just fine, but I will need to update all the stored objects everytime I commit new code and update it on the second machine. That´s not good ar all.

Please advise.


New Contributor

RE: Having issues with Source Controlers and Object Stored

I will respond my own question.

I´ve been doing some research about this issue and found out that when you want to rename the object stored in the edit panel it automatically changes it but erases its extension ".tcObject". That is why testCompelte was not finding the file and thus the error message.

I believe this would be a bug from the application.

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