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Moving the indicator object

Moving the indicator object

If you work with two monitors, for example, it would be nice to move the indicator object to another point.



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Please provide an example


Example? Simply working with two monitors. As i described: you can´t move the indicator on the other monitor.

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Purpose:  Why would you need it moved?  I don't see any value being added by being able to do so.  After all, if you're running tests, even using the mouse to move the indicator to a different monitor could adversely affect your test if it needs to interact with a UI.  And if your test doesn't involve a UI, then why would you need to move the indicator?  Simply move whatever workspace you are working with to your second monitor so that the indicator doesn't get in your way.

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It would be great if we have the option to move the position of Indicator when it is executing.

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(Merged similar requests)

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Thanks @HKosova for merging this with existing one.

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I would like to be able to move the indicator (maybe only when the script is paused?). Because our application has the waiting for data indicator directly under the script status indicator. This makes it hard when monitoring the tests to see if my delays are set correctly (i.e. am I waiting too long or not log enough).

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Have you considred using the Indicator.Hide method?  Now, TC 12.40 has a bug that has recently been patched (just received the patch myself) with that Indicator.Hide method.  But that's a very easy way to just remove the indicator temporarily to let the tests do their thing.

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@tristaanogre Hiding indicator will help in some scenarios when we know where we need to hide. But during development dry run i want to do some prerequisites setup like   clicking some button and all that time it would be helpful if we have option to move the indicator to at least four corners of screen 

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