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Indicator for whether every item in a name-map can currently be found

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Indicator for whether every item in a name-map can currently be found

Sometimes a name-mapping object cant be found and its not because its name-mapping is wrong but because one of its parents name-mappings are wrong. To solve this you have to go through and "Highlight object on screen" each parent till you find the one that's broken.


It would be nice to be able to just have an optional indicator, like the usage indicator, just showing you which parent is broken.


I get this would be hard to implement, since you don't want to be searching for every item in the entire tree, but could you do something similar to the usage indicators where it collects statistics on it during the runs? Maybe it would only display the status of recently used objects?


Hi @NyeEvans!


Thanks for the feature request!


While it is true we do not yet have this specific functionality, we do have the ability for TestComplete to scan your application and verify the integrity of all mapped objects. This process will actually give you visual indicators for the status of the objects!


You may find information about this process here below.


Check for Objects Whose Mapping Criteria Require Updates


Thanks again for the feedback! I hope this above document may help you to keep your objects updated! 


Happy Testing!

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oh thats amazing, thank you!


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