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TestComplete Object Name Mapping is all changed

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Hi all,


I have been working on the automation script from last 2 weeks and it was working until yesterday.

Today the script broke because all the name mapping has changed and its different now.

Weird part is the same script works fine for my colleague. we both connected to same server from diff machines.


When i look into Object spy the name property of window is like,

Window("WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.13965fa_r12_ad1", "stash push- qa", 1)


But it should be something like this and my colleague still sees the same in his machine



** All the name properties are dynamic for me

** i dont see as many properties as colleague sees in Object spy window (advanced mode)



Am i missing something? license issue?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Re: TestComplete Object Name Mapping is all changed

When I saw that happen, it was a memory issue.  Try restarting your machine, then check Task Manager for other programs that use lots, Google Chrome is a big culprit.  End the tasks on every one that you don't need to run the tests and then try again.

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Re: TestComplete Object Name Mapping is all changed

Thank you for your response.

No luck even after restarting the server, application, test complete, cleared the browser cache, history, ended google chrome processes. I honestly don't know what else to try.

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Re: TestComplete Object Name Mapping is all changed

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1)given that your application is desktop  , is common server just database(server side) or you are running against common  GUI interface in server?  In short where is the exe physically exists

2) are both of you sharing same name mapping file ?

3) what is your application technology? is it compiled as mentioned as per here ?

4) what kinda of licence you have?

5) what OS you and colleague have?

6) what  TC version you have? 


My guess is you and colleague are not sharing same GUI interface (exe file) or same name mapping file.

one of them could be corrupted. (most probably name mapping....)



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Re: TestComplete Object Name Mapping is all changed

Thank you for all your responses.

The problem is with the incorrect license. I have Web extension selected instead of Desktop.