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How to automate or verify the moving objects?

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How to automate or verify the moving objects?

Hi champs,

How to automate if any object is moving. Suppose consider a line as an object. On the line, a ball is moving to and fro over the line. How can i find the position of the ball instataneoulsy while it is movingmoving object.png 

Just look at this picture.. 



Kindly find any solution for me.


Thanks and Regards


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Re: How to automate or verify the moving objects?

It can be validated by using x, y positions of the RED ball. 

Is TestComplete identify the Red Ball as an object? If so you will be able to grab it's x and y position and do a loop to validate the positions.



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Re: How to automate or verify the moving objects?

Hi Sriram,


Considering your generic description that contains no precifics, my answer is : "No way. This is a task for developers and must be implemented from within the application itself".


-- If the ball is moving slowly enough; and

-- It can be identified by TestComplete; and

-- TestComplete can get ball's internal data; and

-- Your test machine is powerful enough; and

-- It is acceptable that ball's coordinates are obtained with some deviation; and

-- Some other conditions that depens on your actual task;

then there is some chance that you may be able to implement what you'd like to get.


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Re: How to automate or verify the moving objects?

Identify the non changing properties using object spy.

Using descriptive programming to find the object using findchild script and can identify the change in location by finding X and Y coorfinates.
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