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Working with XML APIs and Converting Response to JSON

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Working with XML APIs and Converting Response to JSON

Hello - I'm a bit new to this, but I am working with an XML API. 


Even when I set the "Response content type" to application/json, the response is still in XML. Is there a way I can ensure I will return JSON every time?




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Hello @nolandsmith
I am not sure why you can't get it.
Can you send your object description?

You can check this example:

1 - You declare your media types




2 - Then you check your object declaration


I took the petstore file example

I hope it can help 😏

Thanks for the support! 


I don't even have application/xml as an applicable response content, yet it is still returning XML.


I do know that the API is an XML api ( Could this be the reason I am only getting XML, or is there a way for Swagger to be able to return it as JSON?








I did some digging into your file and I did manage to generate a JSON response but ONLY as an example!!
Look at the file in attachement.

The sole response content type provided by the server is:

Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8

and, I guess, this is the reason why it can't be displayed in JSON (message ref here)

Let us know if you find a solution

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