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Is it possible to use GitHub integration only for the YAML?

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Is it possible to use GitHub integration only for the YAML?

The doc at Code Editor for OpenAPI | SwaggerHub Documentation ( mentions that GitHub integration is used to store generated output. We don't plan to use that, but since we're working with offshore teams I'd like to maintain history and view changes to the API YAML.  Is it possible to set that up?  I don't see a way in the UI to see changes to the YAML, and would really like to see who is making changes, review them, etc.

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If I am not wrong there is no way to get such kind of followup, without using GIT.


You can get few informations on the UI, like:
- Who did create the API file
- When it has been created
- When it has been updated



Of course, you can use the SwaggerHub registry API to get few more details for you governance


That's all the stuff I know about. Maybe someone from Smartbear can elaborate on this a little more.

I would definitely suggest to add it to New Features requests 😉



@chichepo 's answer is correct - there is an audit file in the interface but a more detailed changelog is not available.

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