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Few Bugs I encounter in the SoapUI NG Pro Trial Version

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Few Bugs I encounter in the SoapUI NG Pro Trial Version



I just installed SoapUI NG Pro Trial-Version and created a few Testcases within a TestSuite


My problem:


when I rename a TestStep within the TestSuite it breaks all my assertions I have on this TestStep...


In my case I use ${checkProdReqView#prodRegView} in the Assertion to Check if the Response contains the same value as my Request - renaming the TestStep checkProdReqView doesn't change the used Asserts which breaks it. Is there a plan on fixing this?




2nd Problem when I run the whole Test Suite new created Testcases since the last run / edited Testcases (name) are not shown in the list of executed tests - even tho they get executed.


When restarting the whole program it refreshes the Test Suite ... Is there a way to manually refresh this list? link to my StackOverflow question with a screenshot of how it looks


Is this something the Trial Version can't? Or is it a bug in the Pro Version?


Re: Few Bugs I encounter in the SoapUI NG Pro Trial Version

Hi  Dominik,


Thank you for your post.

1. We have a corresponding feature request to update property Expansion expressions in Assertions in our backlog, so this feature can be implemented in one of the future product releases.


2. The Trial version has all the benefits of Pro version for the evaluating period, so the behavior is the same. I couldn't reproduce this issue in Ready! API 1.9.0. If you can reproduce the issue, it's better to open a new support case here: and provide us with a video which demonstrates the issue (maybe I'm missing something) and the error log.

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