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Is SoapUI Open Source free to use?

New Contributor

Is SoapUI Open Source free to use?



Is the SoapUI Open Source that I can download here:

Actuall free software that I can use in any way (comercial)  without the need to pay for it?


0) The name suggests "open source" (this does not nesesary mean that the compiled package has to be for free)

1) On the download page there is no link to to license agreements.

2) Inside the application after installation there is no link visible to licenses or something else.

3) In the update dialog I found folowing link:

This sounds like a free (to use) license

4) During the installation there is a pretty long License Agreement  ...

4.1) "3. Free Trial Version. If You register for a free trial, SmartBear will make the applicable Software available to You on a temporary basis (the “Trial Version”) free of charge until the end of the free trial period for which You registered or ordered the applicable Software" -->  So only a Triel ... but where do I register.

4.2)  "Freeware or Free Version License: all Software licensed under these terms is licensed to an individual User who is specifically named in the Software registration and may only be used on one computer or computing device at a time." -> But there was no registration ... But if so it woud sond more like a non comercial license ...

4.3) There are other words the makes me even more confused: "On-Premise License Grants" "Perpetual" "Floating (Concurrent) License:"

Not sounding so free ....


So the Question is how do I know that it is free and who gives me the permission by what means (Where is actually written down that I'm allowed to use it).


Community Hero

Re: Is SoapUI Open Source free to use?

Not sure where you have got the points which are under #4.

Those sememed to be of from Pro version or trial of Pro version.

SoapUI Open Source edition is availabile in and you can find the licence file there. If not already, you may go thru.

New Contributor

Re: Is SoapUI Open Source free to use?

Hi, It was in the installation of an old package.


OK still: If I go to the download page: and select the Open Source link - what license do I Agree to?

In the Help menu I see the SoapUI Pro trail start.


In the link you posted I would have to compile the source my self. there are no binaries.

New Contributor

Re: Is SoapUI Open Source free to use?

Just wont to push once more to aks if somebody knows about the binary "open source" package.

Frequent Contributor

Re: Is SoapUI Open Source free to use?

I'm not sure I fully understand your difficulty, but I'll outline the version and licence as I understand it but IANAL. SOAPUI comes in two forms.


  • SoapUI Open Source

  • SoapUI Pro

    • A commercial release with added features and inclusive support at a financial cost
    • Available at no charge for a trial period
    • The trial version includes a copy of the commercial licence which varies on your region.
    • The pro version is activated by a licence key/activation code; admittedly language used by smartbear is rather ambgious on the FAQ.  Consider licence to mean the activation code that validates you have a valid licence to use the software, rather than the actual terms of the licence.
New Contributor

Re: Is SoapUI Open Source free to use?

The problem is that I can get here:

but there is not outlined what license is to be applied to this binary build of SoapUI.


But is the open source only the "open source" when downloaded form git hub and built on my own or is the licens as well applying if it is the binary built form smart bear?


Frequent Contributor

Re: Is SoapUI Open Source free to use?


The licence at is the same licence used by the SoapUI Open Source build available from that link.  The github repository is how the freely available source code criteria of the EUPL is satified. You do not need to build it yourself to benefit from the freedoms provided by that licence. You can safely download the SoapUI Open Source build from that link and benefit from that freedoms provided by that licence.


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