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Dispatch error, missing response.

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Dispatch error, missing response.



(soapUI Pro 4.6.3)

I have created a project, uploaded a wsdl and created a mockservice.

The mockservice has 6 operations. One of them is 'Pong'.

From an application I send such a Pong request to this mock:


<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:ds="" xmlns:eb="" xmlns:xlink="">
<eb:MessageHeader eb:version="2.0" soap:mustUnderstand="1">
<eb:PartyId eb:type="urn:osb:oin">00000001819697461000</eb:PartyId>
<eb:PartyId eb:type="urn:osb:oin">00000004000000002000</eb:PartyId>


In the mock I get an error: [dispatch error; missing response].

I think is has to do with the body being empty (what is in fact how it should be) because in some other operations I send a message with a body not empty (again in that case what it shoud be) and they seem to work fine.


Any help would be appreciated.

Can provide you with wsdl if neccesary.




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