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DataSource Test Step Failing

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DataSource Test Step Failing

Hi --

We have a TestSuite and use a "DataSource" Test Step to read a text file of data for input to a "Request" Test Step.  This has been working until recently.  No changes to the TestSuite were made however, now all of the "Request" Test Step iterations are failing in error, with to the following message reported upon execution the "DataSource" Test Step: 

    2.0.2.jar!/status_loadtest_assertion.gif 1220053620614 Step
    Status AAI - UPP 20 MDNs to Sims - CoreBVIP - HA TestStep [AAI -    UPP 20 MDNs to Sims - CoreBVIP - HA] result status is FAILED;
    [ Read timed out, null/empty response,
    null/empty response] [discarded]"

The existence of the source datafile for input to the "DataSource" Test Step has been verified and validated.  Data from the source data file is successfully loaded by Clicking the "Green Arrow" in the right-hand "Configuration" pane of the "DataSource" object, populating the defined fields.

Does anyone have any ideas of what could be the matter here and/or how to troubleshoot  ?
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Re: DataSource Test Step Failing


hmm.. the error seems related to the following request step, which seems to time out.. can you verify that the target service is working ok if you manually submit this request? Can you show a screenshot with the error ?


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Re: DataSource Test Step Failing

Here's the configuration and order of Test Step and Load test objects within the TestSuite when the error occurs:

- TestSuite
- Test Suite1 (Test Case)
   - Test Steps (4)
      > DataSource1 (File source)
      > Test Request1 (Test Step Enabled)
      > Test Request2 (Test Step Disabled)
      > DataSource Loop (Loop to DataSource1 - Target --> Test Request1)
   - Load Tests(1)
      > LoadTest1

Regarding a Screen Snapshot, nothing shows as Error in the GUI. The Error is displayed as a message in the lower "LoadTest Log" Box/Pane in the "LoadTest1" object.

By Moving or Removing the Disabled Test Step "Test Request2" from the Test Steps, the error is not thrown and the Load Test works as expected.

Any Ideas?   

IAdditionally, s a Disabled Test Step illegal in a DataSource/DataSource Loop construct?  Also, I know the DataSource can be set to "Shared", does this allow for multiple Test Step Requests in a given DataSource/DataSource Loop to be executed and Share the Data from the DataSource?

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Re: DataSource Test Step Failing


hmm.. could we set up a short webex/gotomeeting conference so you can show me this on your computer?


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