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getting rid of the SoapUI "created in" messages

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getting rid of the SoapUI "created in" messages

I recently tested ReadyAPI. Nice product by the way. However ReadyAPI sucked in my SoapUI project file and autosave it. Not that I care about that but now I see the attached messages every time I open SoapUI.


Please tell me how I can get rid of these. I should have had an option for saving a project duplicate or something before you take over the projects with another product. I have scanned the various files and I don't see the text. All I can think of is that there is a source GUID or something. Irritating because I will have to recreate all of these.

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Hello @haldiggs1 


If you are done testing ReadyAPI, then you just need to save the project in SoapUI and it will not show those messages anymore for the projects you save in SoapUI.  There should be no need to re-create them, just save them.  🙂


There is a file menu item to use in ReadyAPI to avoid this...  "File | Exit without saving   Ctrl+Shift+Q"





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