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Properties with special characters

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Properties with special characters

Hello team,


I'm getting in a response this:


<Key>pB8PD+pN8ALD*qB9KDJ+DB8DBD?K/3*BV9/321*NA9///8*CA96107*SN9LDEN*QL97563*EL931*QM97877*Q/9VNV+MQ80*OV9?CR+PA857+BS88370+RL8007.+PS88/7*ER9706+PQ87~h9DAA~IYz o_w 9Y!?CR![+ rcfkdlsq!8Zy!gc 9 A/!*!daa!8!CCC@J02!~i\~i\~J9DKVO*flxKey</Key>


*Note the red slashes

And I'm putting this value in a property (MyProperties) step but when I try to grab that value in a later request through ${MyProperties#Key} 




I get this:


<OldKey>pB8PD+pN8ALD*qB9KDJ+DB8DBD?K/3*BV9/321*NA9///8*CA96107*SN9LDEN*QL97563*EL931*QM97877*Q/9VNV+MQ80*OV9?CR+PA857+BS88370+RL8007.+PS88/7*ER9706+PQ87~h9DAA~IYz o_w 9Y!?CR![+ rcfkdlsq!8Zy!gc 9 A/!*!daa!8!CCC@J02!~i~i~J9DKVO*flxKey</OldKey>


* Note now without the slashes


Why this happens and what would be the workaround in this situation?

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Hi @alexisrl733,


I tried the same scenario but it the values i got in Raw is same the value in properties step.

Can you attach any screenshot. Might be a situation that your values getting changed at some point.



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Thanks and Regards,
Himanshu Tayal
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Hey @HimanshuTayal


Thank you so much for replying. Here are the screenshots:


1. property.png: you will see the value with the slashes in a property step

2. xml.png: shows where I reference that property from MyProperties property step

3. RQ.png: shows how the request gets buit when run that soap step.


As you can see, the slashes got removed somehow and I don't know why?


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I think it's removing all backslashes from the string, maybe it's thinking is a path?

I tried but couldn't reproduce this either, using SoapUI OS 5.4.0. See the screenshot. What version of SoapUI are you using?


What are the steps you have in place for setting the property value from the response?


Could you make a new project and reproduce the issue with a mocked service, then upload the project?

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thanks @JHunt


Find attached the version I'm using and yes, will send you the project ASAP. Again thank you for helping me.

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