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soapUI 1.7.5 beta coming..

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soapUI 1.7.5 beta coming..

Hi all,

We are proud to finally announce that we will release the beta version of soapUI 1.7.5 Pro on monday July 2:nd. This release has a number of very exciting improvements for our Pro users;
- Initial reporting support for Functional Tests (TestCases/TestSuites)
- Script-library support for keeping common functionality in a central location available to all scripts in soapUI Pro
- Full drag-and-drop support for moving/cloning TestSuites/TestCase/TestSteps/Interfaces/etc.. both within and between projects
- Improved XPath Assertion dialog with a new wizard for selecting matching values
- Improved Outline Editor with a toolbar, a column displaying type-information, and general memory improvements
- etc.. etc..

Also, a large number of improvements have been made in soapUI Open-Source that will of course also be available in Pro:
- Workspace management
- Improved generation of TestSuites and MockServices
- Improved Update Interface functionality
- Ordering of TestCases
- Enabling/Disabling of TestSteps
- etc.. etc..

Most of these improvements have been included in direct response to requests by soapUI Pro Users and Open-Source Feature Requests, we are extremely proud to have such a committed and involved community. Thanks to you all!

You can get a feature overview with screenshots, sample reports, script examples, etc at

We really look forward to your comments and feedback!

best regards,

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