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servicev request forbidden for anything within the local network

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servicev request forbidden for anything within the local network

hey guys im having a bit of a weird issue.


some background to the story:

i have two machines connected to the same network and the idea is to be able to send a request from one machine ( Postman or SoapUI or SoapUI Pro ) to the other machine containing ReadyAPI


in the ReadyAPI machine there are some mocked services.


Now when i try to send the request i get status 403Forbidden


correct me if i'm wrong: the VirtServer is only needed when you're trying to publish an environment externally not internally.


now i went ahead and opened the ports from the firewall that are related to the ServiceV but still no luck.


not sure where to look and here seems like the place to go.


Thank you




Hi @mdotoum,


The behavior that you described is expected. 

Virtual services running in ServiceV are accessible only from the same machine. If you need to make them accessible from other machines (in the same local network or outside of it) VirtServer is needed.


Customer Care Team

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