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"Get Data" data when saved does not work next run.


"Get Data" data when saved does not work next run.

Using 3.45.0


This issue is causing me trouble mostly in the headers but I have found bodies having the same problem.


Example Authorization Header. I do a Get Data, and it looks some thing like this - ${#TestSuite#Testcase#Teststep]#Response#$['data']}, Then I add bearer in front.


Now test works fine. I save composite project. Re-test and the test fails with 401. I check Raw date and all I see for Authorization is "Bearer", my token data has disappeared. But the code remains the same in the header value.


I'd have some screen shots but I have been running my computer for 3 days without saving now because it's a big project and it can take at least 2 hours to fix it after saving.


This issue ceased to be a problem when I switched Environments.


I would suggest you configure a new environment than bailing on your hard work.

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