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improvements in next release

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improvements in next release

Hello Ole,
I understand that your team must be really busy because of the release. but would it b possible for you to list the improvement / new features that we can expect to see in this release.


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Hi Ali,

sure.. I can give you a preliminary overview, we plan to make an official announcement sometime next week when we have finalized the feature-list. The version will be called 1.7.5 thanks to the many improvements;

In soapUI Pro only:
- Extensive Drag-and-Drop support for moving/copying objects within and between projects
- Support for a central groovy-script library for creating globally available scripts
- The possibility to generate JUnit-Like reports for Testcase/TestSuite runs from within the TestCase/TestSuite windows
- Improved XPath Contains assertion dialog with wizard to select expected content from property
- Improved outline/form editor UIs
- AutoSave functionality
- etc..

In both soapUI and soapUI Pro:
- Extensive possibilities to clone/move testcases/testsuites/teststeps/interfaces between projects.
- Workspace-management; the possibility to easily switch between and create new workspaces
- Nested Property-Expansion
- A new Response Time Assertion
- The possibility to Enable/Disable TestSteps
- The possibility to reorder TestCases within a TestSuite
- Improved UpdateDefinition
-> optionally recreate requests and create backup copies of existing ones
- Improved Generate TestSuite
- Improved Generate MockService
- etc..

On top of the above a refactored action-system for improved memory management, a large number of bug-fixes and memory/performance improvements, and a large number of small improvements to functionality and the UI..

We are now testing and working on the initial documentation and hope to release a beta 1 within 1-2 weeks, our ambition is to have a new final release every 6-8 weeks (soapUI 1.7.1 was released 5 weeks ago).

Hope this is in alignment with some of your requirements!


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This sounds great Ole. Best of luck with your development and I can't wait to try out the beta release.

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