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how to run sample rest projects present in smart bear website?

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how to run sample rest projects present in smart bear website?


I have installed xampp server .my 8084 port is running .how the connection will be established for the ecommerce project which is 1 st among 3. how it will get loaded in my local machine 8084? @BenoitB @AlexKaras 





how to set up local server to get the ouput properly?

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This is web server question.

You must put in the www web server directory the necessary files to answer to the REST query


What do you have in the xamp www directory ?


If you have put the needed files, what is the response on your browser on the url localhost:8084 ?



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basically if am importing these projects ,how it will get configured on my machine?







This project consists of two parts: virtualized server that emulates tested one and tests to be executed against this virtual server.

As in is mentioned in the project description: "Sample Projects bases on a virtualized REST service. Please make sure that port 8084 is available on your local machine or you can update the virtual API under the serviceV tool to reflect an open port on your system. You will also have to update the ports on the tests to reflect the same ports on the virtual service."


So, you need to navigate to the APIs | EcommerceVirt project node and start virtual service (adjust port settings for the service appropriately if port 8084 is already occupied on your box).

After virtual service is started you should be able to execute tests from the Functional Tests project node.


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