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how to get the data from HTML page and use that as a string

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how to get the data from HTML page and use that as a string

i have a HTML page of 10 pages, i need to get the Data of only 5th page to a String 



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Hey @678 


Could you supply a little more background and the use case?


saying "I need to extract some data at page 5 of a 10 page .html file" needs a little drilling down to resolve the ambiguities!


That said - I once had to extract some html which was a .json attribute so I just used the inbuilt xml parser available via the out of the box functionality.





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I am using following peice to read the complete html page but it a very long HTML page


def filename = "C:/Users/ProjectReport.html"


// read all the content of the file into a single string
File fh1 = new File(filename)
def report = fh1.getText('UTF-8')


but i need the part of the page in between lines like 


Tag line <TestSuite Results>  to  Tag line <end of TestSuite Results>

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Hi @678,


As far as I understand, you want to parse some report. Is it a ReadyAPI report?


@678 wrote:

Tag line <TestSuite Results>  to  Tag line <end of TestSuite Results>

It's not an HTML tag. This makes me think that it will be much easier if you export your report to the XML format. By using a groovy script, you can easily extract the needed node from an XML file by using XPath. Please read the following article for more information:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Yes, its an ReadyAPI Complete Project report but i need only TestSuite Results should capture from the report

that i am going to use to send an email as body 

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