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Where is default path of global properties, *VERY URGENT SITUATION


Where is default path of global properties, *VERY URGENT SITUATION

I've had like 200 global properties in my projects and it's gone...

like one hour ago Update message pop up and asked me to install the update from 2.7.0 to 2.8.0. After it replaced older version all of my global properties are gone, It's really important, and I wan't to get those properies back.

There are some remainings of soapUI version 2.7.0 in SmartBear folder, but nothing looks like global properties...


Before installation of new version I had an issue with my PC and had to manually restart it, soapUI was turned On,

one of my projects is completly gone... the project inside is filled with nulls. I've got coppy of that project but wan't get back my global properies and don't know how.


*I want to add. that i lost all settings of soapUI...


Please help me asap, I need to get those properies back and i've not idea how to do that.


Best regards



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If you have an urgent issue with ReadyAPI, in particualr as it is the result of an upgrade. I would recommend that you raise a support case with SmartBear:


The forum users are mainly just regular users like yourself, and we answer in our free time.

Well thanks, I will try,


I think the case is lost anyway, cause those files are completly nulled

Project and settings, it's weird beacuse I've had like 3 projects in soapUI while there was a crash, and only one

is corrupted with nulls.


perhaps someone on forum might know a solution?

I've found the default-soapui-workspace.xml.bak file... but don't know why it's full on nulls, any idea?

After my machine crashed there was CHKDSK, is it possible that this feature wipe out my project and soapUI properties/settings?


Thanks in advance for any idea of solution


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Sorry, I don't think I can help with you current issue.


All I can suggest is that in the future it might be worth investigating the use of some kind of source control to store your project files, protect you from it happening again.

Well it's okay now, I recovered almost all data, I had copy of project on GIT. I suggest for everyone to change the location of workspace file and soapUI settings and store it for example on git reprository... just in case, cause u never know what might happen, seems like CHKDSK after crash on my machine somehow wiped out my project, soapUI settings and global variables, when i Tried open those files it was completly nulled.

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