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Uninstalling floating licence


Uninstalling floating licence



How do I uninstall floating licence? I already Have fixed licence and working fine. But I need to uninstall floating licence.




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Hey @Rama16,

This is a guess on my part cos i've only ever used the fixed term license, but ive investigated floaters.

The short answer is you shoukdnt have to uninstall anything if you have a fixed term license successfully installed currently.

The floater isn't "installed" on your machine, your license server does all the heavy lifting when using floaters....the floater is just assigned to that particular machine by the license server. Once the user shuts down readyapi! using floater, this should free up that floater instance for a different readyapi! instance.
What i'm saying is once youve installed your fixed term license, you shouldn't be using up one of the floaters.

What's your use case? Is there a problem and that's the reason your querying this? I.e. have you installed the fixed term license but believe your readyapi! Is still picking up the floater? Easy way to check. Restart readyapi! but ensure you have no network connectivity (kill your wifi/ethernet connection). If readyapi! launches fine then your using your fixed term license and not a floater.

Hope ive been clear...sometimes i can be confusing!


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Thanks for the reply, Richie.


@Rama16, I also suggest that you go through the License Deactivation article.



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