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Unable to Receive Events from Eventhub using Groovy script

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Unable to Receive Events from Eventhub using Groovy script

Hi All,


I am trying to get the event from Groovy script in ReadyAPI but it shows below exception. Also please find the attached file for the code.

Please help me on this. TIA.


java.lang.IllegalStateException: A request was made to load the default HttpClient provider but one could not be found on the classpath. If you are using a dependency manager, consider including a dependency on azure-core-http-netty or azure-core-http-okhttp. Depending on your existing dependencies, you have the choice of Netty or OkHttp implementations. Additionally, refer to to learn about writing your own implementation.
See Error Log for details.

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Did you try uncommenting the package imports? Or following the implementation instructions to create your own custom http client?


//import com.squareup.okhttp;


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Hi Kitt,

I have tried uncommenting the above imports. But it doesn't works and throws below issue.

Could please help with any assistance on how to add our own custom http client.


Thanks & Regards,

Md. Samiuddin

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