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2 years ago

Unable to receive the access token returned from Okta

I downloaded the example from: so that I had a starting point. 

I upgraded the version of Swashbuckle to the latest and switched to use .Net 6. 

I modified the code to integrate with Okta. 

I have that working and Swagger displays 'Authorized'.  However, I do not see the returned access token.  I have verified that the token is sent in the response, but I shouldn't have to Inspect the Response to obtain the token.

Also, while Swagger shows that it is Authorized, the padlock for the api/weather endpoint is still unlocked, so obviously I just receive a 401 when I try the endpoint.

I'm fairly new to both Swagger and Okta, so it is possible that I missed something in the configurations.  Since I have verified that an access token is returned in the response, I must be missing something in the configuration of Swagger UI in my project.

Since I am unsure what I would do with the returned access token, as there isn't any place to paste it so that I can authorize the endpoints, I guess what I really need is for some way to authorize the endpoints once the token is returned.




I also noticed that when I pressed the grey padlock on the endpoint, I see the following.  It presents an empty list of authorizations.





  • I stumbled across the solution to this on my own.