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Two versions of ReadyAPI on the same machine with one license

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Two versions of ReadyAPI on the same machine with one license

I am running ReadyAPI 3.10.2 on my Intel Mac OS 12.6.5 and want to start migrating our projects to ReadyAPI 3.45. However, I need the ability to be able to run both versions on my system with the license enabled. However, ReadyAPI 3.45 doesn't see the file license I have for ReadyAPI 3.10.2 and if I uninstall the license and install it in ReadyAPI 3.45 then 3.10.2 doesn't work. And I can't activate the license twice, even on my same machine. How can I run both ReadyAPI 3.10.2 and 3.45 with a file based license at the same time? Thanks for your help.

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Warning.  Always secure a copy of your workspace and projects before switching versions or upgrading.


You shouldn't need to migrate from version of readyAPI to another.  Just open the latest version of ReadyAPI and load your workspace and projects used in the previous version and treat it like you've just updated MS Word.


I've never tried running to different versions of ReadyAPI at once.  I've opened two sessions at once, pointing at different workspaces.  I've also ran SoapUI and ReadyAPI at the same time.


If your aim is to create new Workspaces to take forward to working with 3.45, open 3.45 with your orginal workspace and project.s  Open a second session with a new workspace and projects and migrating. 

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Hi Chris,


Okay, I see my problem now. When using a new version, I created a separate workspace so I could keep everything individualized but the details about the license are specifically in there. So instead, I copied the workspace data from my 3.10.2 folder to my 3.45 folder, cleaned the basic things like logs, preferences, etc. and then opened 3.45 and had no problems with the license. Thanks for the insight!

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