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TestRunListener.beforeStep eventHandler is not triggering TestStep execution

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TestRunListener.beforeStep eventHandler is not triggering TestStep execution

I have the same script as a Groovy Script and it does execute that TestStep. But it does nothing when I put it on TestRunListener.beforeStep eventHandler. Any idea why?



testRunner.runTestStepByName( "GetSchemaDefinition")





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I just noticed that , that specific eventHandler I'm using is only trigger when I RUN tests at test case level.

When doing it I'm getting this warning message:


WARN: Unable to find the test step [GetSchemaDefinition] in the test case [/api/aaa/bbb]


I now need to figure out how access to look for TestStep "GetSchemaDefinition" on a different TestCase.
Any help is appreciated,


Yes, EventHandler will run before each and every Test Step and if your described Test Step isn't there then your script will get failed


In order to achieve this you can write this login into Setup Script of that Test Case where Test Step is placed.

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Himanshu Tayal

Hi, thank you for your answer. At the moment I actually need this script to be run literally before every testStep.

I'm near to solve it with below code, but I'm facing two new issues:

def tCase = testRunner.testCase.testSuite.testCases["getSchema"]
def porp = new
runner =, false);

1. The script run in a loop and it never ends. How can I run it only once?


2. I actually need to run a testStep from a different suite, not current one. I tried with below code and it didn't work, any suggestion?



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Not all variables available in all the contexts.
Have a look at the right top corner of the script editor to see what variables available.

What are you trying to achieve, by the way?


Hi, can you share a screenshot please?

Not at pc.
Open groovy script and look the editor's right corner of title bar.
You would notice context, log, test runner etc.,
Similarly you can notice wherever one can script such as the events, teardown, setup script for test case, suite, project etc.,

So one can only use those variables in that script. Other than those will lead to error. That's the reason if some script works in test step, but not in the event in your case.


Please find the available variables in color coded in below screen shots


If a script is copied from groovy script to other places such as events, test suite tear down or any other place, they may not as is. May have to tweak a bit to make them work.








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If you look at the screen shot, you will now understand why your script is not working.


Here are couple of reasons
- there is no testRunner available in Events listener script
- the groovy script is present in test case, where there is step with the provided name. However, in the listener, they don't aware of those data.
- your case is not valid for events

If you explain the details of your case, what you are trying to achieve and the context then probably that would be helpful.

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