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TestEngine not sending basic authentication header

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TestEngine not sending basic authentication header

I'm new to TestEngine and trying to evaluate it currently.


I have created a SoapUI 5.6.0 project.  1 simple request to my api which requires basic authentication.  I have created a test case from that endpoint and ran it in SoapUI. Running this through SoapUI works.  I get a response and can see it in my api logs.  I have saved this project and uploaded to the TestEngine server.  I have then run this using test engine.  A request is made to the api but there is no authorization header.


I don't see anything in TestEngine configuration to set this and I don't see anything in TestEngine documentation that calls this out either.


I have used http://localhost:8080/api/v1/testjobs as the endpoint to run the file and have also used with the testCaseName in the parameter.  The same result happens.  It runs and hits the api but missing the Authorization header.

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If not already, it would be good to get in touch with customer support team.

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Thank you Rao!


@roharrin I've located your support case (00481892). Thank you for creating it! Please post your final resolution to the Community when you have one - this will help a lot of ReadyAPI users going forward. 

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I have upgraded to version 1.23 and selected 'Authenticate pre-emptively' before sending the file to test engine and the Basic credentials are now being sent in the header.

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