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Test Automation Through Jenkins

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Test Automation Through Jenkins

Hello Community


So currently we have a SOAPUI license and a Floating LOADUI License that is stored mainly on the Server with Jenkins.  If we create tests for an API to be run in Jenkins, if Load tests are a part of those Automated tests and the job was to run would it run all SOAPUI and LOADUI tests?


We don't really want to run Load tests as apart of our Daily/Weekly Automation.  


Any insight is appreciated as always





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Hi @cpentecost,


Could you please take a look at the following article?

It describes the required licenses for the Jenkins integration.


Does it answer your question?

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Hey @TanyaYatskovska 


The issue I have is that when we integrate our Soapui pro XML into Git we include our LoadUI pro Tests as well.  Then when we create the Jenkins Job to run that XML my concern is that it will run the LOADUI tests at the same time because our LoadUI license is attached to that server.  So what I am looking for is a way to upload our tests but not have the Load Tests run in Jenkins.


Is there a Command-line prompt that would allow us to do that or do we need to keep our Load Tests separate from Git?   

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