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Stoping and Restarting a Run

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Stoping and Restarting a Run

Soemtimes during a run we will see issues with the system and want to Pause the run.  We use a Data Source so we would like the run to stop (go down to 0 VU) research the problem, make changes and then start the run from where it was when we paused. However, it seems LoadUi wants you to start completely over if you have to stop in the middle of a run.  We are running long performance tests and completely starting over isn't a option.


There is no built in option to pause a load test. Depending on how your data source is setup it might be possible for you to create a custom event to do this. You would have to create an event that records the last row used from the datas source. Then you could either manually update the start row in the data source or create a second event to update that for you. You would also need to make sure that the shared option is enabled on the datasource options for load testing. There might be other ways to do this but that was the first thing I could think of.

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jsheph01, thank you for the detailed reply!


@studveags, have you resolved the issue? Let me mark jsheph01's reply as a solution for the time being. Please let us know if you still need the assistance. 

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