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SoapUI Pro fixed license: Install on a Hyper-V session for 1 at a time use by different users ?

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SoapUI Pro fixed license: Install on a Hyper-V session for 1 at a time use by different users ?

By the licensing info, 

A fixed license is bound to the computer where you activated it.


I am looking for clarification on this scenario:


I want to install a SoapUI Pro fixed node license to a Hyper-V session.


I may log on one day to use, another user may want to log in on a different day and use.

There is only 1 user logged in at a time on this Hyper-V session to use this SoapUI Pro

fixed node license.


This is a valid scenario for usage of a SoapUI Pro fixed node license ?




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Hi @jkrolczy

There are two types of license. Fixed term and floaters.

You're talking about the fixed term option, but what you've gotta appreciate is that the fixed term license is per machine, per user.

Whether ReadyAPI! is installed on a VM or a typical operating system active partition, the fixed term licensing is per user.

What this means is that if you install the ReadyAPI! license for your user, if you switch users to any other user, ReadyAPI! wont work....ReadyAPI! will behave as though a license hasnt been installed on the VM/partition at all.

In summary: for a multi user VM/partition, if you want x number of users that can use licensed ReadyAPI!, youll need to purchase x number or fixed term licenses. The only option (rather than buy multiple fixed term licenses) is to purchase a floater, but theyre expensive...when i checked about 3 years ago, the price for a floater was about £4000 (English pounds sterling). 1 year fixed term licenses currently cost £700 total (thats inclusive of tax).


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Great input @richie 👍, 1 more point i want to add is, as @jkrolczy you have mentioned Hyper-V(Virtual Machine), so how the Fixed license works:


Suppose there are 2 user: User1 and User2 and soapUI license got installed on User1's Credentials then User2 won't be able to use it if he access the same machine with User2's credential no matter they both are using same machine.


SoapUI license gets install on User Account instead of System(like User variable and System variable).



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In general, this is what happens typically and hope this may help in future to make informed decision.


In an organization, a purchase request is raised and purchase team buys the requested software / hardware from its authorized vendors. 

I believe that fixed type license costs less than floating one. And purchase team tries to save cost to the company. However, they may not have idea about the usage. So, while raising the request, end users of the software need to specially inform or add note saying what exactly they need.


Let us take a simple example where floating license is best option

- multiple users / machines need to use

- also required by CI/CD systems

and the usage is not at the same time


Let us take another example where fixed license can be worked as well

- Install the tool and license on a common machine with separate user.

- Different users can remotely connect to this machine and design or execute the tests. Also install CI/CD on this machine for the same user if needed. Of course, only one can use at any point of time.


Again, the type of license can be determined by various aspects such as number of users going to use the tool in parallel or number machines on which the tool is going to be used.


If one considers these aspects before purchasing the tool, then hope they can make informed decision to purchase appropriate license.

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Finally found this info in the Licensing Info page:



A fixed license allows only one user to run the product on a computer where it was activated.   😋


Thanks all for the information back.

I appreciate it very much.



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