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SoapUI Pro Log files output

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SoapUI Pro Log files output



i watch the data driven test video from documentation site and in his output he can see the log for each step. I downloaded the trial version of SoapUI Por (ReadyAPI 2.6.0) and my log view is totaly different. 


a screenshot from the video guide 

filename: 2019-04-03-Functional Tests _ Data-Driven Tests.png


a screenshot of my Log

filename: 2019-04-03-ReadyAPI 2.6.0 - SoapUI.png 


Another thing is, in this video he can click on a log line and he jumps to the Teststep. It doesn't work on my version. This both feature can be very helpfull for me.


 Does someone have any idea how can I configure my log?




Hi @serto ,


It's the video about SoapUI, but you should use the ReadyAPI documentation. You can find detailed information about DataDriven here:


Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Kirill Zakharov
Customer Care Team

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I found the view on TestCase Level. Click "Transaction Log" on the right side. Standard view is the TestStep view. There I can see the log for each line.



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