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Soap UI Pro Certificate GuideLine

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Soap UI Pro Certificate GuideLine

Dear Team,


Could any one share your valuable time for providing guideline to crack the Soap UI Pro certificate as First attempt with self study and some mock objective test except on demand video training sesion .


You can share some valuable lint that will help to give some mock objective test or knowledge quiz and documentation for cracking the certificate with self study as first attempt.


Your Help with valuable time will be highly appreciated for me 


Thanks for hearing me in advance.




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I'm sure that Community will give you helpful feedback.

In the meantime, here are some resources that I recommend that you learn while preparing for the exam:


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Today i have purchase bundle (soapui on demand training +Certification) but i am confused.I am very new(or fresher) in soap ui pro tool .Could you please any one guide me whether on demand video training certificate is sufficient to crack the certificate as first attempt becasue this weekend i am planning to make a first attempt for this certificate after completing all video.Could you please share any other guideline which will help to crack the certificate as first attempt at beginner level.


Could any one tell us how many will we get SOAP UI pro attempt for this bundle package?


Your Help is highly appreciated in this matter


Thanks You for hearing me in adance

Hey @amit_2006 


Before anyone can give you any indication on the likelihood of you passing it first time - we'd need to understand your general background and experience in regards to understanding testing, APIs, testing APIs, REST vs SOAP, SQL, JDBC etc. and even  then without knowing a bit more about you it would be difficult to give you an indicator as to either way.


Can you give a bit of feedback as to your current level of knowledge and experience - have you ever done testing before?  if so how many years?  have you done manual interface testing before?  etc.


Cheers amit_2006,



if this helped answer the post, could you please mark it as 'solved'? Also if you consider whether the title of your post is relevant? Perhaps if the post is solved, it might make sense to update the Subject header field of the post to something more descriptive? This will help people when searching for problems. Ta
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