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Set variable for different test services

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Set variable for different test services

Hi All, 


We have a test suite set up for a service that we have tested with. We now need a new service where we need to apply the same tests. The question is, is there a way to set variables for all the places in ReadyAPI where there would be difference between one service and another in the pre-existing test suite? Instead of needing to manually change all the differences in the new test suite? 

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Hi @readybear,

There is no special functionality in ReadyAPI to accomplish your task, but I suggest that you play with the updating/refactoring definition feature of the tool.

The updating/refactoring definition dialogs are designed to keep your service up-to-date without recreating the project. If your old and new services have a more or less similar structure, you can try to update/refactor the old definition with the new one by providing the update/refactor options and remapping the bindings as you need. At that, the current tests will be updated with the new methods, paths, parameters automatically; the endpoints are required to be changed manually. Please refer to the following help section for details:

Please make sure to back up your current project file before proceeding with the updating/refactoring procedure - just to be safe.


Customer Care Team

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