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Recap: SmartBear Academy - SoapUI NG Pro 201 [FAQ] [Replay]


Recap: SmartBear Academy - SoapUI NG Pro 201 [FAQ] [Replay]

Hi All,


On March 9th we hosted the SmartBear Academy - SoapUI NG Pro 201 training class. During the class, we had some fantastic questions worth sharing with the broader group. Please feel free to add additional comments / questions to this post.


SoapUI NG Pro 201 Recording

SoapUI NG Pro 201 Register Here [March 16th]

FAQ from the March 9th SoapUI NG Pro 201 Class:


Q: How to add svn with SoapUI Pro?

A: When you configure SoapUI Pro project as a Composite Project (, that will break it down to a fomat compatible with SVN.  If you are using Git, we even have a plugin where you can checkin that project directly from ReadyAPI


Q: Can we configure a report to send thru an email?

A: Most of our customers configure SoapUI Pro to run in a CI environment in headless mode where the report can be generated (  Then the CI environment can be configured to send on a report in case there's a failure


Q: Can you please show how to use data gen for DDT automation?

A: Data Generator option is configured per DataSource property.  Instead of mapping the DataSource step to excel or DBMS, you can specify what sort of data you want to generate ( and how many rows


Q: If possible, can we show/explian how to use the "Directory" option of the DataSource?

A: 'Directory' type datasource can loop through multiple files in a folder.  Here's an example of that setup -


Q: Can you please explai more about Virt?

A: Virts are configurable APIs within ReadyAPI.  We sometimes refer to them as Mocks.  They can be used to start writing tests and integrations while real APIs are still in development.  Learn more about it here -


Q: Is it possible to use the Environment feature to point to not only different endpoints but also different JDBC connections?

A: Yes.  In JDBC tab of environment, you can change the associated database connection.  Here's a reference -


Q: We find that when our developer who has the free version sends us their project - their test cases don't carry over into SoapUI - we have to do the RMC and do the create test case in Project tab to get them over to SoapUI tab.

A: The tests created in SoapUI open source are in "SoapUI NG" tab of ReadyAPI.  For migration from open source to ReadyAPI please see the following quick video -


Q: What is Bug symbol besides run button does?

A: That the new Groovy debugging feature.  You can see how to configure Groovy debugging session here -


Q: I believe the SHA. I found some forum result about the type of groovy script that has to be used to create a query and then devise the signature, but I can't figure out how and where to put the groovy script

A: At the moment SHA cannot be configured out of the box.  You can setup an Event script ( that applies SHA encryption to all outgoing requests.  Here's an example where you apply a header to all requests -



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