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ReadyAPI transition to ID based licensing.

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ReadyAPI transition to ID based licensing.



We are working on implementing the ID based licensing. Could some one please provide answer to following questions:

1- What could be the impact of the ReadyAPI transition to ID based license?

2- Will we require to have any server base component to manage the licensing? 


Advice with support documentation / reference will be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.




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you will need to allow access to the Smartbear license servers. You do not need any additional server components.


Further details are described in the documentation:

Thanks KarelHusa,


I have a few more queries, will appreciate your thoughts on them.

  1. 1- Do we need to register for an account on SLMP If so , How do we register for an account; do we use our group email or corporate email as a login.
  2. 2 - Do we need to open ports to allow access and this functionalities can be tested in our own lab ?

Thanks in advance.

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