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ReadyAPI 3.6.0 DataSource JDBC - data won't show in the properties

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ReadyAPI 3.6.0 DataSource JDBC - data won't show in the properties

When I try to use JDBC as the DataSource in a DataSource Loop the data comes out as blank in the properties I specifiy.

If I use the query builder I get it to work inside the builder but as soon as I'm back to the DataSource and try it I only get blank answers. I can see in the logs that the right number of rows are retrieved but no data is stored in the properties. 

Does anyone have the same problem? 

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Hey @wellaflex15,

Im running v3.6.0 so i'll have a go at reproducing.

From the screenshot it says >1 rows returned, but theres no data displayed. Is that right?

Querybuilder functionality appears to be separate to manually inputting SQL in (at least thats the way it appears to work from other defects people have noticed).
Have you tried manually inserting the SQL rather than use the querybuilder?


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Hi @richie


Thanks for answering! 


I've tried both. In the query builder(in there I can see the results) and by manually inserting the SQL and adding an own property. 


Update I've had contact with my works support about this and I send them my test cases and they can run them and get results the way that I want to. I've tried to reinstall everything but I won't get it to work and the support guy are as confused as I am... 🙂


Are there some configurations that needs to be set for JDBC-requests to work as a DataSource? 

When I use a regular JDBC-step in my test case it works fine. 



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Nice and valid use case for data source.

If you have show stopper, then following can be tried.
Get the data from jdbc step and write the rows into a file(use a format supported by data source such as csv, json etc) and use that file as DataSource.
With that an additional step before Datasource would have to be added.

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